Is a new Detroit slang.

Basically it's a double date, two girls and two boys.
2 Boys: Aye, Who you with?
Girl: Nobody, Just my Ace .
2 Boys: Shit, Let's 2 man then
by Lexgabbana August 18, 2017
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A mission which includes 2 females & 2 males with a goal of getting some play.
Me & my boy went on a 2 man mission with my bestfriend and her cousin.
by imhimfr July 6, 2022
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Running a 2 man is like playing Duos but in real life. You get a solid friend who you can go out with and meet girls with at a location or run a 2 man by setting up a chill spot for some female friends. Usually a 2 man is always with your best guy that you know you can complete the mission with and have a successful win rate. (Getting Pussy)
I ain't gon lie bro .... We gotta hit Miami and Run A 2 Man it's been a while.
by OppSpotter718 July 25, 2023
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when you and your homeboy have a move but it’s only with two girls and two of you
No you can’t come this is a 2 Man Move
by OfficialGdm June 28, 2018
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you and your mate going for a girl and her mate
2 man step you get meeeee
by ishtiaq2023 May 23, 2023
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1) In an actual fantasy version of fantasy football, a person's ongoing and delusional obsession with conversing about a league that doesn't really exist because they miss playing for real. 2) A form of fantasy football withdrawal.
John has texted about 200 times about his 2 man league with Rob since dropping out of the league.
by RD264 November 27, 2020
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2 Man Day October 15th. Every Year we. celebrate “2 man day”. Aka double date.
10/15 Hey its 2 man day today!!
by mariimarie October 16, 2023
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