2 girls are making out with eachother. they stop at one point and one takes a huge shit into a cup. they then begin to lick the poop like it's an ice cream cone. one of the girls gags herself and vomits onto the poopsicle, then they keep licking it. soon enough they are taking turns vomiting into eachother's mouths while both covered in shit and vomit.
sally: you should watch 2 girls one cup!
suzie: ok! *watches it*
suzie: *commits suicide*
by Baby Lemonade December 4, 2007
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A 2007 viral video that shows acts of Coprophagia and Emetophilia. It is possibly the first time graphic acts of extreme fetishism have been widely viewed by the general public. Reactions to the video have become a YouTube phenomenon and have spawned other videos of this nature. Reaction to the video have included expressions of shock,hysterical laughter,nausea,and comments such as "What the Fuck" and "Why would they do that?"
You have to see this video "2 girls one cup"
by OhNo!!! March 14, 2008
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The most disgusting video ever. Don't watch it...never ever ever ever ever ever watch that video.
Person1: Dude don't watch 2 girls one cup!
Person2: I just want to see part of it.
*20 seconds later...vomits*
Person2:WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?

Don't watch it, really... don't.
by BlahBlahFuckThisShit August 12, 2010
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2 naked girls poop into a cup
then they take turns drinking form the cup
then they throw up the poop back into the cup
then drink it again
go to google images and type in 2 girls one cup
by porcutee November 7, 2007
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1)It's just one of the many things on the internet that nobody likes, yet everyone has unfortuantly seen.

2) What hell is made of.

3) Disgusting...
2 girls one cup is what my parents showed me to stop me from smoking.
by Invasion!-At-the-disco August 3, 2008
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