Emetophilia is deriving sexual pleasure from vomit. There are different instances, several of which are:

1) Hearing someone vomit
2) Seeing someone vomit
3) Being vomited on
4) Vomiting on someone else
5) Vomiting alone

Emetophilia is not only about being vomited on. It can also just be sights and sounds. Sometimes, emetophilia can be linked in with erotic humiliation, which is also sometimes the case with urolagnia.
by BricksisHomestuck December 30, 2011
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sick sick sick..yes that's havin' your sex partner do a technicolor yawn on you for sexual..yuch..satisfaction!
i don't believe people and how mucho stupid they can get, sometimes..but this? give me a fuckin' break, well ya?!
by hytham_hammer July 5, 2005
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