Essentially means 2 sawbucks which are (.5 grams) for $15. The equvialent of a dub but for $5 less. 2 (.5 grams) for $15
Yo tadoe run 2 for the 15.
Bet slide through.
by Moviedudedrew May 30, 2017
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A common term used when buying weed. It refers to a deal in which a dealer chops 2 grams for 15 dollars instead of the standard 20.
s-town kid: yo nigga call up yo boi and get some kaya yo
s-town kid2: aight nigga ima call him u wana get a 2 for 15
s-town kid: yea man fosho
by Ryan H.3 July 23, 2006
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An early 4:20. Reserved for hardcore smokers.
"I heard you were part of the 2:15 club."
by Nick Shady December 11, 2007
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"It's already 2:15" - He added.

He lays next to her. He puts his left arm around her and gently embraces her. She then puts her right hand on his left hand and caresses it. They are so quiet. She decides to break the silience.

Her: Are you comfortable laying like this? Do you have enough space? Are you still cold? How do you feel now?
Him: Hard.
Her: What..? *She thought she missheard it*
Him: I said.....I feel hot now. It's no longer cold. How do you feel?
Her: Hard.
Him: Whatttt...?

Her: *laughs* That's what I thought. I feel warm.

She turns around, looks deep into his eyes and smiles. "Now that you are warm, let's rest.." She snuggles her head closer to his chest to feel his warmth and listens to his heartbeats. He gently touches her hair "Goodnight, Yu.."

"Goodnight, Jin..Night night."
It's 2:15 a.m. already..
by Wanderlust ® January 23, 2022
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The time of night after the bars (2:15 a.m.) close and guys cruise around yelling 'say girl' and 'holla' at young ladies.
Jen likes to leave the bar a little early to avoid the 2:15 Holla.
by bri-man February 09, 2007
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