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You must be in the year of 1999 and find the portal on earth that leads to the Pokemon World. The portal is what the members of Pokeclipse were looking for. The portal is said to be located somewhere in Japan and was the strongest in 1999 when Pokemon was at it's peak. You must go in the portal and you have exactly 3 pokemon world years to have sex with 1,999 girls in the pokemon world. When you do this you will have achieved 1999th base.

Contrary to popular belief with 1999th base, you're only required to have sex with the human females of the pokemon world and not any of the males or the pokemon themselves, as that would be homosexual or just wrong. You will also be thrown out and banned from the pokemon world forever if you try to have sex with the males or the pokemon.

After you achieve 1999th base you will automatically be sent back in time 3 pokemon world years to the moment when you first entered the pokemon world through the portal and your memory of having sex with the girls will be erased, at that time you will be given the ability to enter the pokemon world whenever you want to and leave whenever you want to, thus having the most awesome life ever.

However, if by the end of those 3 pokemon world years you have not had sex with exactly 1,999 human females in the pokemon world you will be forced to go back into the normal world with all your memories of the pokemon world erased and you will have a miserable and boring life.
(At college)

College kid 1: "hey have you seen Carlos anywhere? he's been absent for months now"
College kid 2: "Carlos reached 1999th base and now he spends all of his time in paradise in the pokemon world"
by pokemonworldequalsparadise November 15, 2009
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A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
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Sir, please, I went to medical school

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