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The most common and suicide-inducing people on the internet. Not knowing what they are doing, they constantly reuse old or overrated memes, make cringey YT videos "for fun" (only for the revenue, which will probably be only half a dollar tops), or engage in senseless online arguments. The following guide will tell you how mental a 12-yr-old is.

Level 1
- Recycles memes for no reason
- Has a channel only for commenting
- Has iFunny

Level 2
- Overuses trending memes
- Channel has low subs but a crap ton of content
- Posts negative comments for no reason

Level 3
- Forgets about improv and comedy.
- Tries to be in the hood.
- Somehow has decent sub count but garbage content
- iFunny is their religion
- Overuses insults like "KYS" or "drink bleach"
Some dude: 12-yr-old internet kids can jump off a bridge
12-yr-old: kYs u normie ߷ sub for sub also join my giftcard giveaway
by Oshawottlovestacos September 18, 2017
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