May 12 is when the hottest people are born their thick asf and get all the boys their pretty confident and have a lot of friends and are perfect
Person 1: Hey do you know why that girl is so perfect

Person 2: Why?
Person 3: Because shes born on May 12th
by nonutnovemebermember November 7, 2019
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May 12th is that date of which the best party's every year are thrown, each may 12th you or one of your friends must host a rager.
Are you going to any party's tomorrow?

No why?

Its may 12, national party day.
by Greenwaffle273 February 24, 2018
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This day is when the thickest people are born
Jack says Hey thickie Alex says i am not thick Jack sayss ure about that Yes its may 12 which is when thick kids are born
by Daddy_3084 October 15, 2019
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This people born on this day are gonna be the best and smartest people you Well ever meet!
People born one may 12 are the best
by UrbanMeh November 25, 2019
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National fuck anyone you want day
Hey Cassie, its May 12, and you know what that means...
by Morse Code October 18, 2019
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