The time of the day when middle schoolers get out of the juul room to go on snapchat and talk about some cringy shit.
11:11 ; Dont hmu, my mom is being so toxic rn smh >(

11:11 ; @someonespecial <3
by RainiTheSkinny April 1, 2019
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( Also known as remembrance day) The 11th hour of the 11th day during the 11th month is a day where you have a minute of silence in Australia. Remembrance Day in Australia is dedicated to Australians who died as a result of war, particularly from World War I onward. A minute of silence is dedicated to the deceased, especially for soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation.
You don't use this in a sentence instead, you would say 'Lest we Forget' As a reference to this day. (This does not just happen in Australia, Other countries as well,)
Today is the 11/11/11 in Australia, Lest we Forget for our fellow Australians. (Best I can think of lmao.
by Australian kiddo :> November 11, 2019
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This means that someone is either making a wish and telling all their friends or that they are thinking about you or crushing on you if they send you 11:11 with a black screen background. This term is more commonly used on Snapchat to signify making a wish.
11:11 @***"* he's soooooo CUTE
by Jammy✓✓ January 1, 2018
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reminds you of what's important
"11:11 make a wish"
by rafro January 28, 2009
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A time that many people say they never miss; They will look at the clock and catch 11:11 at least once or sometimes two times a day. Some say it's a "spiritual opening" or something like that. Some sites are devoted to this time, check on google.
I looked at the clock and it said 11:11.
by DarkDan August 17, 2004
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When someone on snapchat puts a clock on their snap at the time 11:11 and types the names of people they have bothered with/talked to that day example, their friend, or spouse.Sometimes they will offer if you want to be in their ‘11:11’ .Its usually to brag or show off their friendship group.
Mia.P x,Jemma.A x , Tyra.S , Rick .S,Tyler .h x, Megan.P x,Joshua.L x

Who wants to me in my 11:11?
by GetSnatched May 9, 2018
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11:11 is a time when most people post on Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Making a "wish" but mostly posting their crush. Either a picture of their crush, or their initial. Or good luck.
11:11 pops up on the clock "omg omg I can't forget to post my baby on snapchat as my 11:11"
by Yourz_zTruly January 15, 2018
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