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A "loved one" who comes over at 10pm, leaves at 7am... and doesn't bother you outside that time with things like dates, meeting their friends or chatty phone calls and texts.
Nah.. I don't have time for a boyfriend right now.. a 10-7 would be great though.

She's so dumb.. I couldn't date her for real.. but she does have 10-7 potential.
by Futures & Loyalty February 27, 2011
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1. police code to reffer an unconscious person.
2. to reffer when someone od's or passes out.
1. cop on his radio: "we have a 10-7 at 23st".
2. "las night i was so high i went 10-7".
by blue bird anonymus September 21, 2004
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one of the first numbers starting with 1 on the urban dictionary that didn't have a definition yet. It means when you get a phoner at your job.
dude!I got fired for a 107 at mcdonalds!
by dummb n00b October 21, 2008
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