Something that causes a brief laugh or smile in the moment, but is exceptionally uninteresting when thought about later on.

Harvey: "Bro! Remember that time we were at Olive Garden, and you said something, and I said 'Nice!', and then you held up your knife and said 'Knife!'??

Karlos: "Don't bring that up, homie. That's a 1-second-funny at most, definitely not worth bringing up in conversation."

Harvey: "But we both laughed when it happened!"

Karlos: "You laughed when it happened, just because you'd never compared those two words before. Once you associate them together, it's not really that tight when somebody points it out."

Harvey: "We should make a word for that kind of oddly common scenario."

Karlos: "Our Creator already made a word for that: 1-second-funny."

Harvey: "Ah right! Thanks, dude!"

No problem.
by CitrusRhymer April 14, 2014
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