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A new movie coming out on Jan 18, 2008, that scares the living shit out me

Possibly starring Bowser from "Super Mario Brothers" - photos
Huge roar emits
"I saw it, it's alive, it's huge!"
by C A S August 29, 2007
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The unknown and super top secret movie produced by J.J. Abrams, the creater of the hit ABC show LOST. The movie focuses on a monster attack in New York City as witnessed by a group of friends at a friends going away party, the teaser trailer ends with the Statue of Liberty's head crashing in downtown Manhattan; their was no title.
The film is also referred to as "Cloverfield" or just "Clover". 1-18-08 is the release date of the movie, not the actual name itself. It is announced that 1-18-08 is indeed not a sequel to anything bad before. The teaser trailer was first introduced with the hit movie "Transformers".
Film Fanatic 1: Dude, did you see the preview to that one movie with Transformers?

Film Fanatic 2: Yeah man, there was like no title, but its suppose to be released on 1-18-08

Film Fanatic 1: Yeah, its pretty hardcore!
by Kevin Esser August 07, 2007
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Some strange movie that know one knows of, well thats me, but there are rumors that this 'Movie' is called Cloverfield. If you hadn't seen the trailer there are a lot of videos just search it.
I was just watching transformers and waiting for it to come on then came the strange Trailer it was real exiting the audience were waiting for a name but it just said 'Producer: J.J.Abrams' then '1-18-08'
by Faul August 22, 2007
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the date for the much anticipated movie "cloverfield"
1-18-08 (promotional title)
Cheese (fake working title)
Clover (fake working title)
Slusho (fake working title)
Cloverfield is a American monster movie produced by J. J.Abrams(the guy from LOST), directed by Matt Reeves, and written by Drew Goddard.first shown during airings of transformers
hey did you know that if you add all the numbers in 1 18 08 you get 18?
..well you do.
by jaay deeee December 27, 2007
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