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Google 5 random letters. You will always, 100% of the time, get a result
Me: I will googlefiverandomcharacters
::types kfcpg in the search bar::
::gets a result::
by FranchuFranchu June 8, 2019
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What will happen when either of these happens:
A: Microsoft buys the government and your private life is vigilated and surveyed by the companies

B: Some far leftist commie scum or far rightist capitalist pig thinks its time to nuke.
C: Google's bots become setient and murder us all
D: Minecraft p2w servers crash economy
E: China's (literal) pigs develop a very stronk uncurable disease
F: Pokemons travel to this world and become berserk
G: Climate change becomes very bad
H: Raptors travel from the past and learn to open doors

Hb: and learn to build lightsabers

See also Ablogalypse
See also Freemium
See also EA
See also Nuke
oh no its the Apocalypse!
nah its just a giant invisible pink unicorn
by FranchuFranchu March 6, 2019
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Frame rate most people expect to while playing steam games in windoze.
Youtuber: (playing Prison Architect or other steam game at 120fps full 4K)
Commenter 1: Wtf how does he do that i can barely stand 30 fps?
Me: WTF how does he do that i always play at 1 FPS
by FranchuFranchu October 14, 2018
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