Only sexy people are born on this day. This is one of the best days in history and if you are a male born on this day, there is no doubt you have a girlfriend
Omg he is born on the 1 December, he must be so hot
by IvanLover56 October 16, 2019
The day you will get famous on tiktok
Yooo bro it's 1 december! That means we gonna get tiktok famous!
by Fishyandstinky October 15, 2019
Its friend hug day!!
Give your friends a hug

Be kind tho them!
*1 december*
Me: *gives a hug
Friend: omg!! Love you!
Me: love you to <3
by Emmmm_ November 22, 2021
When you are done with no nut november. You need to wank off. So you wank off on obviously 1. December. So after holding your cum for a month, you cum so much that you have never seen so much cum before.
Ah yes! Finally it's December! I Can finally orgasm! Finally No nut november is over! Best day ever 1. December!
by PUG5 November 14, 2019
Hi Miriam wanna go out?
I can’t I’m late for na Raya period partyto
1 December national period day is The day the girls celebrate having a red fluid every month for 3-6 days
by Moma Qnica November 15, 2020
This is the day to send a nude to your fellow soldier that has just completed No Nut November. This is the first time your soldier will have nutted in a whole month so make sure you have the most prime picture possible.
Dude! I can’t wait until December 1st because that’s when I can finally bust!
by Jimmony Crickets May 28, 2020
National sleep in day! Sleep in! No work, No school! No nothing!
Bro have you heard of December 1?" Nah, what is it?" National sleep in day!"
by amazingcraft569[Ur gay] November 6, 2019