short for "issue", as used in comic series.
After my terrifying trip to the South Pole in our last anxiety-inducing ish, I felt a vacation to a warmer climate was just what the doctor ordered!
by Jane Doe July 26, 2016
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slang term for the word "shit"
now ain't this some ish.
by Panama_Kanal August 26, 2003
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adjective. The mysterious color of car interior, it’s greenish, grayish, brownish, sorta tanish… What is it!?
That new hair dye of Mindy's turned out more ish than blonde. When she steps into the van her head disappears!
by MerryUmWEBster May 26, 2013
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State of being 100% something-ish
You're not quite cool, you're just ish. Almost there but not really there, but so fully embraced in this ishness you're just kinda cool.
by Cedryl November 6, 2014
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Gives you room to be late or room for mistakes in addresses.
I will be there around 6ish (10-20 minutes early or late).
It is on 7thish (5-10 blocks from there).
by joeget July 14, 2012
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An alien word used by Stitch in the movie "Lilo and Stitch" in order to say "yes".
by Foo'-Dawg December 9, 2004
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"Ish" is used as a stand-in for "sort of" and "kind of," often tacked on to the end of a statement.
How was the opera?

It was good. Ish.

Did you like the sweater your Aunt Marcy knitted for you?

Eh..... ish.
by Sylvia J. Wei December 27, 2005
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