Literally means cow but is also Chinese internet slang for awesome/cool
A texting conversation

Person1: 我们的数学老师今年很牛!(Our math teacher is awesome this year!)

Person2: 我知道 她还很漂亮 (I know. She's also very pretty.)
by DoorHandle1234 August 22, 2017
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Meaning: Dope, Excellent, Incredible, Unbelievable.

It's an informal word. It reads like Newbe
Shit, this is so 牛逼(newbe).
You are a very牛逼(newbe) person.
It's a 牛逼(newbe) song.
by Eggiesta March 20, 2022
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A spicy chinese dish that was made to be eaten with rice.

我每天吃水煮牛肉 Mmmm
by Schni schna schnappi March 8, 2021
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