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The buddhist symbole of peace.

Now if you tilt it sideways it's the nazi symbol (aka swastica)
dude: 卍 out
dudette: wtf ru a nazi?
dude: no
dudette: then wtf
dude: im trying to say i g2g
dued: bye
by lawldy man October 21, 2008
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This is was known as a "svastika." It was a Sanskrit symbol meaning "peace" and "good-fortune," used primarily in Indian ideologies, but has since been seen differently. It is now known as a "swastika." A swastika on a red flag with a white circle behind it is the swastika most people know of today, because of Hitler's famous Holocaust. If shown to a person who believes in Judaism, they may take offense when seeing it, as the Holocaust involved Hitler's failed purge of the Jews. However, it is becoming more popular as a joke, rather than an offensive symbol, these days.
Bhikkhu (Buddhist Priest): *On a held sign* 卍 Love and prosperity to all! 卍

Jew (Who does not know past Hitler's swastika): Come on man, take that sign down. That is a swastika you damn Nazi!
Bhikkhu: No "man," this is a svastika, from ancient Sanskrit, it means "peace" and "good-fortune."
Jew: Not in my damn religion.
by Lustful Sinner February 15, 2017
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The Swastika, originally a Buddhist symbol, but now is extremely offensive to most people because of its use by the Nazis in world war 2
Buddhist Guy: 卍
Guy that isn't Buddhist: Fuck you
by Rasputin Petrov May 12, 2018
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