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Þ/þ is a symbol used in Anglo saxon, Icelandic, and the language of the faroesian islands. It is called 'thorn' and makes the hard 'th' sound like english 'THrough' or 'THought'
by Seolyk April 07, 2005
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Th is used when you have no idea how to end a thought, so you just type th.
I think HealthCare is really great th.
by ASpoopySpoop January 26, 2017
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It means: Thanks Heaps
similar to TY, or TA
Person 1: dont worry, i will pay for you.
Person 2: oh noo noo, i will
Person 1: na man, its ok seriously
Person 2: ok TH mate!

by kvrampage April 25, 2006
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Some-one who try really hard, at sumthing like work at school and sports and everyone else calls a TH
Bradley "Gibson is such a TH"
Jack "Yeah i know he sucks the teachers dicks like sooooo much"
Bradley "Fuck yeah, lets get high!"
Jack "Ok, wanna fuck"
Bradley "Sure, Why Not!?!?"
by TheOnes August 12, 2006
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Shortend North English vairient of th'word "the".
"Th'ospital is just down th'road"
by Gaz May 30, 2003
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