A representation of "the horns", a metal salute which was first performed by Ronnie James Dio.

It is used by metal fans as general symbol of the affirmative, which could be anything from "hey man" to "fucking awesome" to "later"

it has recently begun to be used by people who are fans of other music genres and simply believe it is trendy to do. These people ar posers and are beneath notice.
"I just scored tickets to Wacken!"

"later man"
by TheSanityAssassin November 4, 2004
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A symbol metalheads use online for their approval of something, which doesn't even have to be music or metal related. It is meant to mimic the "horns," in which one makes a fist and sticks out their pinky and index finger. The horns have been adopted by many non-metalheads in recent years, making it a mainstream symbol.
post 1: Nice Slayer shirt, I saw them back in 1995. Fuckin great show!
post 2: \m/
by Rosobola July 23, 2016
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Its the rock on sign.

see: rock on

"ROCK ON!!!"
by Sunny Ðaze May 20, 2005
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what someone types into a chatroom, msn etc to represent the metal salute that is supposed to look like devil horns. however, nowdays it is used by posers who are fans of tryhard pop rock bands who think they are 'hardocore'.
annoying girl poser 1: OMG, i just scored tickets to the veronicas concert!!!!

annoying girl poser 2: OMG!! fully siiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!

annoying girl posers 1 & 2: WICKED!!! \m/ (both salute)! ROCK ON!!!!
by Kray-zee K October 22, 2006
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supposed to look like the rock n' roll sign you make with your fingers.
\m/ ROCK ON \m/
by h-town October 24, 2003
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Symbol derived for use in online conversation to represent the hand signal meaning "Rock On".
"I'm going to the concert tonight at 8. There's gonna be 4 awesome bands there!"

by Kim-ber December 15, 2007
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Made by tucking the thumb into the palm, extending the index and little finger upward, and folding the middle and ring fingers under the thumb.
Yeaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! \m/ ROCK ON!!!!!
by asq July 12, 2006
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