a nickname for the person you wanna be with forever
Tht is my lovebug, someday she will marry me!
by brittney! January 23, 2009
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You could become a 'lovebug' because YOU are so full of love.

Someone else could become a lovebug because they are so full of love.

To be called a lovebug is the ultimate expression of affection, you are so full of love.
Jack: Hows things with Jane?
Eddi: Oh ok, she's my lil lovebug.
Jack: I see, she must really love you then!
Eddi: yep :)

Emily: Hows things with Jack?
Jane: Great thanks! But i'm turning into a bit of a lovebug.
Emily: i guess you've proppa fallen for him then?
Jane: yep :)
by Faif April 29, 2008
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A kind hearted saying Whitch is commonly used as a saying from Grannys to grandsons it means my lil love
"Come here Lovebug "
by Mali656 November 29, 2017
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The Lovebug is when someone is just too attractive so everyone around her is literally drawn to her and so eventually there’s so many people on her that it’s a dog pile and she dies from too much weight pressure on her
It’s the lovebug!!! Run!!!
by Banned post December 22, 2017
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When two people connect themselves by sharing a two-sided dildo in their asses. Similar to actual lovebugs, coordination of daily tasks is of upmost importance in this configuration.
Sandra and Dennis were found lovebugging while trying to figure out how to drive their car.
by Mashed potatoes and gravy September 8, 2019
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