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a tiny town in north florida, whose residents have all been there forever. it is the black hole of the south, using its southern drawl and hospitality to suck you in, then using its wal-mart and great deals and low prices to keep you there. beware live oak!

also a tree, but who cares about that. beware live oak!
beware live oak!
by reaverlight August 26, 2008
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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Small ass town where there is nothing to Fucking do usually dead. Wannabes everywhere Trynna flex all the time. MPG mobbing the streets looking for their next victims and also some dope ass rappers.
This place is like live oak.
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You attracted to meth heads with missing teeth? Like dudes that are zombied out on tunchie? Boy doy I have a place for you. Also, go bulldogs.
Live oak is known for it's "good ol boy system"
by RiriG February 02, 2018
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A school that has only hoes and whores. With fake ass people. Petty ASF. All the bitches there take shit don’t say it to your face. They say they can fight but can’t. They don’t stop bullying and cyber bullying. There’s is hate all in the school. Kids hurt others for fun. It is the worst school EVERRR!!!!
Live Oak” more like Live Joke
by User34567788643 April 03, 2020
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