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A strong, sexy, and unbelievably charming man. a man that every girl want to have inside her. Also a great kisser, and fucker. Hes loved by all his guy friends and his girl friends.
Damn look at Angelo he's so sexy i'm going to fuck his brains out.
by amanda2389 October 25, 2008
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noun. A Greek name, usually given to very gifted and healthy boys. Also can be viewed upon as a messenger to God, an "Angel".
That boy over there is so talented and handsome, no wonder his name is Angelo.
by Angelo Collins July 29, 2006
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A kid who will leave a cock print on your face. Don't fuck with this kid he will fucking destroy you. Angelo is a baller and he is the hottest guy ever. He can get any girl
Did you see Angelo over there he's lookin fly as hell
by Angelo4503 March 03, 2015
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Italian male name meaning Angel or messenger of God. Usually the funniest person you will ever meet. An Angelo can turn any situation into a hilarious situation. An Angelo is also kind, caring, and giving. An Angelo will also do anything for the girl he loves even if she doesn't love him back.
girl1:"My friend just bought me tickets to this concert all my friends are going to cause i couldn't afford it and he didn't want me to be left out!"
girl2: "the guy who had everyone rolling at the mall that one day?"
girl1: "yeah he makes everything funny"
girl2: "hes the one in love with his best friend and does everything for her right?"
girl1: "yeah he'd do anything just to see that girl smile"
girl2: "he is such and Angelo"
by Mr. E the III July 16, 2011
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The perfect example of a man. He is sweet, handsome, caring, kind, and loving person especially when it comes to thr person he loves. He may sometimes be hard to understand but makes up for it with his sexual prowess and persuasiveness.

1. The Messenger Of God
2. A Man's Pride
3. The Intercourse King
4. The Bringer Of Heaven
That guy's sooo hot.. He's such an Angelo
by otakublack February 03, 2010
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Angelo was born into a noble family with many siblings. His name is the Italian version of Angel. He is a wonderful person with a huge big heart and to add to his inner beauty, he is the most handsome person to set foot on planet earth. An intelligent man, he has the ability to solve problems even the greatest problems solvers cannot because he, Angelo, posses the power of intuition and deep foresight. He is a kind, caring, and somewhat of a super human being. He spends his days helping people even though he may not realize and loves to play many sports with his buddies. He even spends time with silly me and I love him to death. He loves chocolate, especially ones with liquid centers because he loves the feeling of the ooziness when he bites the choco. I think mint creme is he favorite. His best friend understands him and sees him and he knows he can share with her anything and she will always be there. He likes to go out with his friends, he is very sociable but sometimes he also likes to be by him self to ponder about the fascinating things in life. He is loved by his friends and because of his tall frame he sometimes resembles a charming slim, muscular and handsome bear who protects the ones he loves.
Faith: yo Muffy, how are you doing?
Muffy: great... im just about to visit Angelo
Faith: Angelo... your best friend?
Muffy: Well yes... but also the Angelo i love and....
Faith: and forever will, right?
Muffy: exactly, and forever will. You know me well Faith.
by angeloitsme July 02, 2010
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