an emoticon; usually on a list of smilies one can use on an instant messenging system. Nobody ever actually uses this smiley.
by Jacolt05 October 09, 2007
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1) money mouth - an emoticon used to represent something fowl of wrong. As money is probably one of the dirtiest and most handled things on the planet. Placing money in ones mouth is jeopardous to health, thats how the polio epidemic happened.

2) confusion
1) swthunnie003: mmm water
TonTon1337: mmmm abundant resource
TonTon1337: :$

2) swthunnie003: money mouth, what the?
by TonTon December 29, 2004
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Weirdo: I LOOOOOVE licking doorknobs :D

Normal Person: Hey, do us all as favor and :$

Weirdo: What does ":$" mean?

Normal Person: Look it up on Urban Dictionary
by LickinLamprey November 19, 2011
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