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an online movement loosely based on tumblr, started by the fandom of BBC's tv series, Sherlock. In the series 2 finale, Sherlock is set up by his archenemy, Moriarty. Through ensuing events, Sherlock fakes his death, leaving a very teary Dr. John Watson. The press and public are left with the assumption that Sherlock is a fake, hired Richard Brooks to play the role of criminal consultant Moriarty, and committed dozens of crimes in order to solve them. While this is all part of the television series, the fans took to the streets, armed with posters and post-it notes, determined to clear Sherlock's name.

tl;dr: #believeinsherlock is an APG started by the Sherlockians.
did you see that #believeinsherlock poster?
i know! they're popping up everywhere!

the graffiti on the wall read, "Moriarty was real."

Richard Brooks=Fraud posters were plastered all over campus.

her shirt was tagged with the saying, "Watson's Warriors".
by oveangels January 22, 2012
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