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APG- Anthony Perry Grant

-Gayest person in the world
-So called "The black tom hanks"
-He loves men (women beware hes a pussy)
-He's Ashy,Lame,Scared of his Mother,A tall Fag with recidng hair line, he thinks Lil Wayne is the best rapper
-Dread locks in his FACE
- Pay back is a bitch huh
- APG is a follower not the leader
-"Be true to the game" Warren G
-Lame ass APG when you gonna learn your gay
thats not milk thats cum
APG your fuckin gay
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yo don't mess with her, she'll get APG on yo a$$
by APGeeZaY!! April 23, 2003
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"21 Good Ass Questions"
Why are you so ashy?
How da hell are you allergic to lotion?
Why do you talk about Lisa behind ger back, but still stalk her?
Why is your hairline so damn far back?
Why are you so in love with juniors?
How da hell did you get dumped by a freshmen?
Why are you going to da damn dance with Erin, but you are goin' out with Lisa?
Why does your best friend hate you?
Why do you want to sit with Jeremy at lunch so damn bad?
Why'd you keep bitchin when you were on the b-ball team?
Why do you smell so bad?
Why don't you just admit you're gay?
Why do you think you are the finest boy in that school?
Why are your teeth so damn big?
Why are you so damn ugly?
Why are you just now getting a car?
Why are you a quitter?
Why do you look like a damn gorilla?
Why does your breath always stink?
Why do you talk behind your friend's backs?
Why are you such a BITCH?
Big ugly ass ashy nigga.
That's all I wanna know.
by Only the Strong Survive February 11, 2005
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An alternate professional game (APG) is an interactive narrative that uses interpersonal relationships to encourage professional progress. An APG is experimental. It evolves through user interactions and changing business needs. An APG conforms to a This Is Not A Game (TINAG) aesthetic that states all components of the game should actually work. Alternate professional games may be sponsored by single organizations or a consortium of companies to accomplish goals such as workforce training or launching a recruitment campaign.
Intern: I just had lunch with the company CEO.
Mom: Really? Did he see your resumΓ©?
Intern: Naw, we're both playing the company APG. He follows me on twitter now.
by HarbingerAlpha April 26, 2011
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Lame ass senior. In love with Jeremy Nash. Scared to death of Mitchell Bouie. Dated a freshmen(Later got dumped by her), because he can't get a girl his own age.
Wants to be just like Jeremy!
Deeply wishes to sit with Jeremy at lunch!
Scared of Mitchell!
Class of 2005 hates him or should I say HER!
Currently is dating a junior named Lisa, her nickname is Lil'Jap. If you don't know why I won't tell you.
Secretly talks about people behind their back, but beware folks he doesn't have any friends so he will still talk to you!!!
Just to let you know, the "P" in APG doesn't stand for "Perry" it stands for "Phillip". See people, he has to change his name to fit in, but he still doesn't.
"POSER", tries to be something he's not.
by Rocky ,Leighton, and Allan February 03, 2005
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a person who unwilling to accpect the fact that their a loser. a person who is unwilling to accept that fact that you gay ( or bi what ever floats your boat- homo). lastly a person who 100% toatly and completly self-asobred. sorry to break it to you i love you but you need to know. apg or should i say fag
i reall wish that you would stop being such a fuckin' "apg"
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