All praise God
Just a saying when something good has happened or even when it’s your birthday and you would say APG
Happy birthday to me, APG’
by Sonia Capone March 14, 2021
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“Don’t fuck with him, he’s in APG.”
How do i join APG?”
by steezgod December 3, 2019
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APG- Anthony Perry Grant

-Gayest person in the world
-So called "The black tom hanks"
-He loves men (women beware hes a pussy)
-He's Ashy,Lame,Scared of his Mother,A tall Fag with recidng hair line, he thinks Lil Wayne is the best rapper
-Dread locks in his FACE
- Pay back is a bitch huh
- APG is a follower not the leader
-"Be true to the game" Warren G
-Lame ass APG when you gonna learn your gay
thats not milk thats cum
APG your fuckin gay
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yo don't mess with her, she'll get APG on yo a$$
by APGeeZaY!! April 24, 2003
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An alternate professional game (APG) is an interactive narrative that uses interpersonal relationships to encourage professional progress. An APG is experimental. It evolves through user interactions and changing business needs. An APG conforms to a This Is Not A Game (TINAG) aesthetic that states all components of the game should actually work. Alternate professional games may be sponsored by single organizations or a consortium of companies to accomplish goals such as workforce training or launching a recruitment campaign.
Intern: I just had lunch with the company CEO.
Mom: Really? Did he see your resumé?
Intern: Naw, we're both playing the company APG. He follows me on twitter now.
by HarbingerAlpha April 26, 2011
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APG=Apalachin ghetto

A place in New York State described as the slum of apalachin. With its high hills green tree's and the occasional drug deals/druggys.With a history of the hardcorest gang to live, La cosa nostra.
ashley is going out with colin and this is there convo.
A=ashley C=colin

A: lets go bang at my place.
C: yea yea, all through the night.
A: sounds hott!
C: but i dont know where you live exactly...
A: i live in the APG
C: oh yea, the Apalachin Ghetto.
A: Right....

once colin reachs ashleys they begin to bump uglys...
.345673895 seconds later colin finish's and they cuddle.
by Nucca4life December 31, 2008
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As per google. Commonly used in Trivia apps (HQ, Joyride, Hangtime) discord for confirmed answers.
Player1: Q2
1 apgPlayer2:1?
Player1: Q2
Player 2: 1?
Player 3: 1 apg
by DISCORD GOAT February 23, 2019
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