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GamerGate is a hashtag that started on twitter originally about the integrity of gaming journalism with the sparking controversy coming from a website called Kotaku. The hashtag went through two changes after it was started. First a small group of people from the origin or first group made up of mostly feminists (those that are a part of Feminism, left the idea and changed it to be about supposed sexism and racism in videogames. This prompted multiple gamers to get upset on the internet. Since gamers tend to use the internet, the internet is anonymous and a lot of people who use the internet tend to give empty threats when provoked, Anita Sarkeesian was verifiably given a false bomb threat targeting her upcoming event which was promptly cancelled. This event caused a small portion of the previously mentioned second group the spark required to start stereotyping gamers as a backlash against what happened to Anita Sarkeesian.

The first group is the #GamerGate group, wherein the consumers (gamers) revolt against their product reviewers in mass, and advocate for change using #GamerGate, or advocate for the status quo, using #StopGamerGate. The second group doesn't understand what's happening and just calls all people who use #GamerGate horrible women haters. The third group hates gamers and uses #StopGamerGate to indicate as much, whereas those who don't agree much like the first group use #GamerGate.
Gamer: "Game reviews are so corrupt and we should change it #GamerGate"
Feminist: "Gamers are woman haters #StopGamerGate"
Celebrity: "Gamers are stupid basement dwellers #StopGamerGate"
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by NoBias82 June 04, 2017
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