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Referring to the Boston Bruins player, Zdeno Chara.

1) Number 33, he is the largest player ever to play in the NHL, and holds the NHL record for fastest shot.

2) He is a big, hingy monster, who eats anything in his path.

3) A good old Nung-Diddy Bungbung.

The word "chara"ed (adjective or verb):

1) When someone is completely demolished and looks like they just were ran over, or more likely, snacked upon, by a tyrannosaurus rex.

2) When a player is hit so hard, they die on impact.

3) When anything is completely flattened, as if it were sat on by a snorlax.

4) Appearing to have been eaten by Zdeno, the hingiest of hingy.

5) Pooping the bed because when you woke up in the middle of the night, Chara was sitting at your bed yelling "HINGY!!!!"

6) When something stupid happens that Chara would do.

7) When you are so scared, you die, or fake dead, as to avoid being "chara"ed. Inadvertantly, you are eaten, because Chara eats everything, dead or alive.

8) Something that will happen during Zdeno Chara's shifts. They can last anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute and a half, depending on how hingy he is. If he is very hingy, chances are he will only have one shift, the first one, and it will last 5 seconds. He will most likely be ejected from the game because he mistook the referee for a Zebra and got very, very hingy.

(PS, Hingy = Hungry)
Bob: Chara, din din . . .
(5 minutes later)
1/2 of Bob thats left: Not me Chara, the pony! THE PONY!!!!

Leslie: Did you see that hit? That guy went flying!!
Bernice: I know Lez, he got "chara"ed.

Coach: Chara, kill.
Chara: Coach, I'm so hingy!!!! I want to eat that little Stamkos, he looks so tosty.
(After first shift, 45 seconds later. . .)
Savard: Thanks a lot coach, you let him out there, and now the league's main scorer is "chara"ed. We can't afford anymore lawsuits.

D) (Example 6)
Chara: Did you see that coach? I scored! I scored!! That's the like the third time today!
Coach: Zdeno, that was our goal; you scored on our net.
Chara: That was a goal in practice coach, don't lie to me. Chara know goal when Chara see goal.
(Goalie skates over, with a hole in his stomach)
Thomas: Coach, I got "chara"ed. I can't play. Put in Rask.
Chara: Chara like Rask.

Becky: Johnny, did you see that cat? It got hit by that garbage truck!! Let's see if we can help, C'MON!!!!!!
Johnny: It's no use Becky, it got "chara"ed.
by zfreedman92 February 09, 2011
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