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Refers to the abrasive and horridly-destructive mindset that is all-too-often adopted by someone with authority/influence (parent/guardian, schoolteacher/principal, policeman/judge, owner/caretaker of a large and/or fancy estate, etc.), whereby he blatantly/impatiently disregards common sense or basic compassion regarding the everyday necessities/difficulties/incapabilities of the less fortunate/affluent/physically-fit mortals in the world, while at the same time needlessly and unjustly "throwing his weight around" or "flexing his muscles" in an additionally-injurious manner. So, not only will he refuse reasonable requests to assist/ease the burdens of a timid "underdog", but he will then "add insult to injury" by irritably/gruffly PILING ON one or more ADDITIONAL agonizingly-arduous stipulations/restrictions onto the trembling help-seeker, so that this unfortunate wretch will now be even WORSE off than he was before!
One should be extremely wary about asking someone of substance/power for advice or assistance, since many such "upper crust" individuals tend to be afflicted with "and furthermore" syndrome... not only may they flippantly brush off your request for help, but they likely will then also grumble, "And furthermore --- I don't want you to do such-and-such anymore", or "I am sick and tired of your not doing such-and-such like everyone else does, so you're to start doing so immediately", which of course will just make you burdened/agonized all the more, especially if the retracted privilege is something that you vitally need just to survive or remain sane.
by QuacksO November 29, 2016
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