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A euphemism for the sexual position crassly referred to as "doggystyle" or "from behind." When it comes to making special requests in the bedroom, "The Lookback" resonates with spousal ears better than any of its synonyms. And it's functional, too: the name implies a finer point of receiving cock in this particular position--literally looking back and showing the guy a little face during the action--and it will accordingly serve as a reminder to girls.
"Hey Veronica, wanna do doggystyle?"
-"Ew, Archie, NO! I am far too classy for such trailer moves. Try it out on Betty instead!"
"Ok Ronnie, I apologize. Can we please do "The Lookback" ?
-"Oh, Archie-kins. I thought you'd never ask!"

"Hey Mom! what's a lookback?!"
-"Well honey, um, it's when a man and a woman love each other very much and.. the one who's getting on a plane to accept the big job the new city looks back wistfully at the other."
"Oh. The school maintenance guy told me it was something different."
by jalym July 27, 2008
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