It's a box. How did you even type this. Screw off i'm busy.
"Hey have you heard about the ?" "How did you just say a symbol?"
by Friendly Space Bear April 1, 2018
Get the  mug.
... what actually is this?
I'm using Android 8.0 and uh..  shows up either as a blank crossed out box or just nothing. Apparently some see it as an arrow? It probably doesn't look like ꜜ⃗ or something.
Plistinblitzen: Hey we're here after the universe exploded.
Alphanumeral: I'mma do that again.
Dumpledinkinlinkinblinkin has joined the chat
Gecock42069: oh fuck off.
Dumpledinkinlinkinblinkin: I WILL END THIS FOR THE BETTER!
Gecock42069: 🖕
God has left the chat
by Lightwalker360 March 16, 2020
Get the  mug.
 idk waht this is
its a  gosh it ill it 
by E3H0 April 3, 2018
Get the  mug.