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A Scale Used To Weigh Matereals And Or Substances. A Triple Beam Can Be Used In School And On The Streets. A Triple Beam In Chemistry Is Used To Measure Chemicals. A Triple Beam In Technology Education Is Used To Measure Shell Car Weight And Other Projects. A Triple Beam On The Streets Is Used To Weigh The Finest ;)
Kill,Koke,And Kringe
I Overheard A Gangsta Talkin' Trip About Using A Triple Beam, I Bet The Last Tyme He Used A Triple Beam Was In Chemistry...
by ~Hpnotiq~ August 02, 2005

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Purple Drank, This Is What Causes Slured Words, Down South We Know It Best, Whether You Got That Fat Ass Blunt Laced With That Purple Lean AKA Liquid Codeine, Or You Just Po'n It Up, You Bound To Feel Better, Prescription Purple Got You Feelin The Best Of The Best Down South Reppin 580 Got That C Across My Chest.
You See That Playa Sippin On That Purple Drank? You Know Hes Feelin The Feed Of That Liquid Codeine
by ~Hpnotiq~ June 27, 2005

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