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i have a thong on
by zoma August 20, 2003

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Daniel Friendman
Don't touch him, he might jizz at any moment
by zoma March 19, 2003

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An alien found in the depths of reseda. Can be deadly if disturbed. Buggy ass eyes
Minjung, the alien, has buggy ass eyes
by zoma March 19, 2003

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abbrievated form of noob with a humourous tone. However, it is NOT like Newbie or Newb, these have the meaning
New to the game or Low Level in RPG games. Many wrongly think all that begins with N means the same thing, ffs !
Omg, that nub just fucked up the whole mission by aggroing 101 mobs!

nub picks up worthless item when he could have gotten a sword of megapwnage

1337: lol! nub!!!!!!!!!!1111111111
by Zoma August 06, 2005

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