3 definitions by ziggytheman

If you're up at 11 on a school night, this rule states that your choices become to either whack your dick or go to sleep.
Man, I had myself an 11 o'clock smack last night because I wasn't ready to go to bed.

(talking to prissy girl) Well, it's the 11 o'clock smack, got to go to bed.
by ziggytheman October 24, 2014
A girl you hit on the month of october so you can take her to haunted houses, hold her hand, and get it in. A halloween side bitch.
"You and megan getting serious?"
"Nah bro, she my haunted house hoe, her ass look good in leggings thats all."
by ziggytheman October 2, 2015
What to tell someone when they are worried about something for no good reason, or when they are acting sketch or sketchin' you out
Camille: "What if we get a bad grade on this?"
Andy: "Simply don't sketch we're fine."
by ziggytheman November 1, 2018