4 definitions by zieg

geniustic is that level of awesomeness beyond uber. This is a level of ideation so profound that instant cocreational access to the Jungian unter conscious is achieved.
Example: Hey man, lay some more of that geniustic shit on us because we are shit out of ideas here.
by zieg November 11, 2014
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Known as the ass cheeks of a man
"hey that guy has a nice cake"
by zieg May 9, 2005
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commonly refered to briscoe trying to boast about his cock size not knowing that he said it wrong.
"Eerrr my dick is 20mm, ah i mean 20 inches, oh shit."
by zieg May 9, 2005
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Quickly and cheaply taking advantage of a quadraplegic person resulting in them being covered in cum.
generally people who cant get any the normal way manage to score this way.
"they are defenceless, so what!"

Damn, did you see that cum quad over there!
by zieg May 9, 2005
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