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Something that will be depleted unless something is DONE!
They say the ho-zone layer over Philly will be gone by 2012.

The ho-zone layer is beginning to have a greenhouse effect over in Amsterdam.
by zerocoolx December 29, 2009

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A hilarious and gimmicky method of making money off of children who think they're special and different.

Uses the common marketing tactic of channeling an already dead counterculture to make a quick buck. See definitions for Apple, Hot Topic, Bose, Harley Davidson, and countless other brands that sell a "lifestyle" or "experience" rather than and actual product worth owning.
Misled little cousin: OMG Emily the Strange is sooooo cool!

Me: How?

Misled little cousin: IDK... she's just like... umm... you know?

Me: ... no. <annoyed>
by zerocoolx October 28, 2009

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