2 definitions by zakd

Phrase used in response to someone being ignorant or stupid (clueless).
"Good job fucking up the meeting, Jason. Get a clue."
"Broke ass nigga, get a clue" - Rae Sremmurd
by zakd April 17, 2019
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Something resembling or having to do with a cuck or being a cuckhold. Like the term "lucky" has to do with having luck.
(Man 1 invited to party)
Man 1: "No it's fine; my wife won't let me stay out past 9:00 anyway. I'm gonna get back home since I'm not allowed at the house after dinner or before bed. Says it's something to do with a private meeting she has. She's been having more of those lately... (trails off)"
Man 2: "Seems pretty cucky to me. Grow a fucking backbone, Jerry."
by zakd August 14, 2019
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