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An enclosed or open-air shopping center, typically 2 story with more than 1 anchor store.
Brenda: "Hey, did you hear that the Urbantown Center mall just closed?"

Harold: "Oh, really? I heard they were going to change it into one of those nasty lifestyle centers!"
by zRxvr March 28, 2022
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An outdoor shopping plaza, typically with several other store spaces spread throughout the parking lot. The death of the modern mall. (see dead mall, mall)

Many shopping centers like this may include big retail stores, such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc.
Brenda: "Harold, the new Urban Square Commons' grand opening is happening next week!"

Harold: "I told you they would turn it into a damn lifestyle center!"
by zRxvr March 28, 2022
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An enclosed or open-air shopping center with a high vacancy rate, most likely completely shut down. If not shut down, the mall's main anchors must be hanging on for dear life. Dead malls are usually torn down to make way for a lifestyle center.
Brenda: "Hey Harold, the Urbantown Center mall's main anchors just shut down! I wonder what'll happen now since its a dead mall!"

Harold: "As I said, it'll be run over by a nasty lifestyle center."
by zRxvr March 28, 2022
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