3 definitions by yourlocalmilf

One of the most sweetest, whole-hearted human beings you will ever meet. Always there for you and does their best to make you feel loved and cared for. Everyone deserves their very own Krilan.

(Don't be fooled though, they have a large, odd sense of humor and can be stubborn sometimes but you have to just stick with them no matter what)
He's such a Krilan and he has a big butt.
by yourlocalmilf November 21, 2021
Someone who absolutely adore school. They often come across like they love it more than life. A Clayton’s favourite thing to do is to revise.

If a clayton gets 99/100 on a test then he will throw a hissy fit and probably die then and there.
Claytons also love men (not as much as he loves men). Their unhealthy addiction to the male gender is often concerning
Taylor:”omg is that clayton?”
Susan: “he’s probably doing math equations in his head
by yourlocalmilf May 8, 2022
The GOAT. Loves Cars and is very respectful. Has a hard time pronouncing words but has a heart of gold. Is always there for whoever needs him, but if you lose his trust, he won't be so kind. Can be a little judgemental and grumpy at first but once you to know him, he's a sweetheart.
"He is such a McCalyn."
by yourlocalmilf November 23, 2022