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Noun or adjective;

1. Literally a cross between a slut and a floozy.

2. The ultimate whore.

3. Word to describe the kind of person mentioned above.
Conservative best friend: "Sarah, you look like such a sloozy with that skimpy dress on."

Angry ex-girlfriend: "That sloozy bitch stole my boyfriend!"
by youreonastick September 03, 2006
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1. An alien anus
2. A way of calling someone or something an asshole & a freak at the same time
Frustrated chihuahua owner: "Come here, you little alianus!"
by youreonastick August 25, 2006
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Said with an Italian accent;

The douche bag who comes to your house party and drinks too much, then proceeds to throw up everywhere, leaving you to take care of them AND clean up their vomit while they sleep in your bed.

May be replaced with Barf O'Douche, which is said with an Irish accent.

Wary party thrower: "Barfero Doucho! You managed to throw up in my bedroom, in the shower, AND all over my dog! Thanks a lot!"
by youreonastick September 02, 2006
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adj. & noun, shortened from Lindsay Lohan

1. When your herb is full of red/orange hairs, thus resembling Miss Fire Crotch herself;
or just some really amazing herb

2. When your shit is still cherry

3. The cherry of a lit cigarette
"I just picked up a Lindsay sack. Let's pack a bowl."
"Hit it, it's still Lindsay."
"I really need to start packing my cigarettes. My Lindsay's always falling out."
by youreonastick September 05, 2007
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