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General group of people who act in ways that cause severe annoyance and anger in others. Often resulting in bitterness and severe hatred to said group of people.
God i really hate the fuckers, what is the point of them?
by Youknowme February 12, 2004
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everyone in this town is ugly except for me so i am the finest ha ha ha

and whoever gave me aids...THANKS ALOT!
scituate is so boring that people amuse themselves with talking about the new urban dictionary definitions...wow
by youknowme January 26, 2005
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a Jewish girl that thinks Ritas is the Messiah of all desserts who lives in PA.
by YouKnowMe March 21, 2003
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see fiend
compulsive smoker
Damn yo that girls been smoking up all day, she is such a Toral!
by youknowme March 30, 2005
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