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A suburb of Cleveland, about 20 miles southwest of downtown. A bedroom community of lower middle class and poor whites, with a growing black population. Most residents commute to work in either Cleveland or Akron. A few upper middle class families and small factories support the tax base. Brunswick is famous for its trailer parks, discount stores, and cheap chain restaurants, including Applebees, Arby, Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendys, Gyro George, and Bob Evans. Also known for its plentiful bars, including a bikini bar and strip club, which provide most of the town's entertainment. Several churches, mostly of the conservative and evangelical variety, provide spiritual support to the Religious Right in town. In the Cleveland area, Brunswick enjoys a reputation as a "white trash" town, and is often referred to as "Brunstucky," as in Brunswick plus Kentucky. The high school, Brunswick High School, has a reputation for stoners, slackers, and wiggers. Local kids refer to the place as "B-wick."
Between Cleveland and Akron lies the not so quaint little burg of Brunswick.
by yougottahavdreams August 21, 2009

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