3 definitions by you're clapped

when two males kiss each other

also a thing that homosexuals like to do
men kissing is when 2 males kiss.

troy: hey nico i really like you, umm can we kiss

nico: yeah sure man, *now they start kissing*

ray: thats kinda gay doe
by you're clapped January 17, 2021
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Some fat-headed clapped cunt
"Oi did you see that fucking gimp walk past"
"Yeah mate, that's just Rohit"
by you're clapped November 28, 2018
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A.K.A piek A.K.A piecky A.K.A pieck san A.K.A pikku A.K.A best girl 2.0 A.KA best girl

also best girl, feb 10th is her birthday :heart:
pieck san also is the leader of the pieck simp squad (panzer unit)

piek: pock, lets not pick on people who just took cannons to the face.

pock: quit calling me that, peeku.
by you're clapped February 10, 2021
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