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I'm Gone: v; to leave, depart

Also known as; I'm heading out. I'm out. I'm dipping. Sayonara.
"Bro, you've heard that new rumor about you? They say you're gay."

"I'm gone, bro." *Disappears*
by yes g October 8, 2019
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Roblox Clan League
Another term for sweaty 2008 Roblox accounts on Theltgrounds every second of their life.
RCL uses a GPR and a PSTL.
GPR - Automatic rifle (it's really just a grey block with a yellow cylinder at the opposite end which shoots laser bullets but automatic)
PSTL - Pistol (same as above but a pistol colored black but not automatic)
2008 account: "Hey; wanna go RCL on Theltgrounds?"
2013+ account: "Nah bro, I suck. I can't make my shots"
2008 account: "Don't worry; I'll get Gard1bas to help you out."
by yes g July 12, 2019
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The incorrect spelling for girl. Another term used in video games which are based for little kids, i.e. Roblox.

This word is also not to be mixed up with grill. That's a correctly spelled word, and if you searched up gril thinking you'd find the word grill, trust me.

You won't.
Playing ROBLOX:
Look at that gril; she's flamin!

It's spelled girl, Adam, and I hope you understand that everyone learned that in Kindergarten.
by yes g June 22, 2019
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The incorrect way to spell existence.

Seriously. You really need to retake the fourth grade.
I'm an idiot, so I spell the word existence as existance.
by yes g June 22, 2019
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