5 definitions by yaboimbhsykes

Spanish for doll or wrist.

This term can be used to either playfully indicate the beauty of a woman or describe someone as homosexual.

The beauty deriving from doll and the homosexuality deriving from “limp wrists”
“Look at Matt standing like that”
Ha, what a Muñeca”
by yaboimbhsykes February 11, 2020
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Bro can I hit your electric dart”
by yaboimbhsykes September 16, 2019
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A freshman or rookie, usable as an endearing term or an insult
Senior: what’s up fish
Senior: are you deaf or just stupid, I said what’s up
by yaboimbhsykes August 10, 2018
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To fist fight or spar for 60 seconds to settle a disagreement
Ayyyo if you just gonna talk shit why don’t we take this outside and shoot 60
by yaboimbhsykes July 26, 2018
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A term that allows homosexual men to discreetly alert other gay men that they want to be dominated
J. I’m a sigma male
A. Say less baby

J. Your place or mine?
by yaboimbhsykes September 8, 2021
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