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dude, come ON.....

If you acctually like what you say you like then your not a poser
exanple- if sombody were to say that they liked Green Day, Avril, and Good Charlotte, and they ment it, then technically they arnt a poser, they are being themselves

Another thing

Lets say some steriotypically "goth" girl/boy were to have this absolute love of eminem, and like ownd all of the albums and had a few t-shirts and stuff like that, people would call him/her a poseur. Because he/she didnt fit in with the steriotype.

IF somebody is acctually expressing themself it does NOT make then a poser not to fit in with anyones expectations
that totally defeats the entire purpose of the word.

A poser is ACCTUALLY somone who does not liek what they say they do
example: Some preppy girl decides to wear all black just becasue she wants to be "non conforming" however, she still listens to hip hop and goes sailing in her tiny bikini

the end.
thats it.
move on.
Jenny is not a poseur becasue she acctualyy likes what she says she does.
by xxshallowkisses December 30, 2005

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There are a few ways to be an athieest....

1: To be really annoying and make fun of people for their belife in god, or some other supernatural being. Therefore dicraseing all his/her athiest friends whom they are trying to impress.
2:To be a passive atheist, one who does not give a flying fuck about what everyone elce is beleving and just goes with what they think, and do not try to convince other to follow them.
3:To be poseur atheist, when you say you dont belive in god and yet you still go to church, youth group, ect. and while there ATTEMPT to act as if you dont care, but secrectly you do.
4:To be an on agian off agin atheist, this is an extemly annoying type of atheiest, this is a peson who will tell you they are an atheist as soon as they find out you are to try and impress you, then will later come and tell you that they have converted to christanity or some other religion. THEN will come and tell you, like three days later, then they are not back to being an atheist. (as if you care....)

the end.
1:Guy-"DUUUUDE YOU BELIVE IN GOD!!!!! WTF OMFG!!!! THATS SO STUPID, YOU KNOOOOW HE DOESNT FUCKING EXXXISSST!!!" pauses to take breath and turn to friends "Hey i sure told him didnt I guys?"
friends- "Yeah, whatever"

2: Guy- "Yeah im catholic, so what religion are you?"
Me-"Im an atheist."
Guy- "What?! You're going to hell, you know that right?!"
Me- "I dont really care..."

3:Some girl- "Yeah im like toatlly agenst relgion,its terible, and really dumb too, i hate those stupid idiots who belive in it...." *cries inside* "forgive me lord.."

4:Me- "Mhmm, im an atheist"
Girl- "Really....me too"
*three days later*
Girl- "Im sorry, dont get mad at me, im a catholic now."
me- "Its not like i care you know...."
*Two hours later...*
Girl- "OMIGOSH, religion is so stupid, i hate it (ect.)"
Me- "Will you make up your mind?!"
by xxshallowkisses December 31, 2005

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