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A town in upstate New York that surrounding towns (Utica, New Hartford, Whitesboro, etc.) think is a hick town. In retaliation, we have parties where there is too much drinking to prove we're just as cool as you city folk.
"That guy is driving his tractor to Stewart's to fill it up with gas!"
"Yeah, well, we're in Holland Patent."

note: this has actually happened.
by xxlinneaxlovexx November 23, 2008

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Place reputed to be full of farmers and uneducated home-schooled kids.

They're actually usually not.

They're usually filled with kids who DO live on farms, but buy ugly Ugg boots and have parties with heavy drinking to prove they're just as cool as the city folk.

Yes, they are known to be seen riding their tractors around the main town center.
"Wow, that girl was wearing a flannel shirt to the mall"
"She's from a hick town, she doesn't know any better."
by xxlinneaxlovexx November 24, 2008

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The need for a person of small stature to own a large vehicle (an SUV or a truck).
She's definitely suffering from short man syndrome, she's barely 5 feet tall and she's driving a Hummer. Her eyes barely come above the wheel.
by xxlinneaxlovexx March 01, 2009

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