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(1) Grammy Award Winning Pop Singer who arrived on the scene with the at-the time provocative " Genie In A Bottle " in 1999.

(2) One white girl who can seriously sing.

(3)Progressed into a total skank also known as Xtina or XXXtina in 2002 with the release of the "anything you do in private i'll do in public" video "Dirrty". She introduced the world to the world's worst white girl weaves, paint by numbers make-up" and buttless chaps.

(4) Washed off the heavy make-up and fake tan to emerge as a softer, more sophisticated diva with a pension for singing songs from the 70s in 2004.

(1)Ugh, I can't stand Kim. She's such a Christina Aguilera. She goes from innocent to trash and back to innocent in the matter of minutes.

(2) Whoa, that drag queen took make-up lessons from Christina Aguilera
by xxgeorgia November 09, 2004
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Lead Singer of the multiplatnium selling band No Doubt. Notorious for her plantnium blonde hair, perfect abs, and original style. Also designs for LeSportsac and her own line, L.A.M.B. . Married Gavin Rossdale in 2002. Famous for the songs " Just A Girl ", " Don't Speak " , " Simple Kind of Life " , " Hey Baby " , and " It's My Life ".
The multi-talented Gwen Stefani designs, writes and sings.
by xxgeorgia November 09, 2004
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Most overrated actress ever who desperately wants to be half the man her father was, but only recieves awards out of pity. Won the Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love and then proceded to pretend she was British for a good bit of time, then made a whole bunch of crappy movies. "Fashion Icon" who often looks emaciated and was stupid enough to name her daugher Apple.
The lead in the play was such a Gwenyth Paltrow, all style and no substance.
by xxgeorgia November 09, 2004
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