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An incredibly wealthy town that all the Ridge kids are jealous of. Tons of mexicans which makes for a totally awesome boys soccer team and lots of aliens at the train station. Some of the riches most stuck up kids live here, and most of them have nothing better to do than pretend to be druggies and get high all the time. Contrary to popular belief, the school is pretty damn good but most of the kids who live here can't wait to get the hell out so school spirit sucks almost as bad as the football team. If everyone realized how awesome of a town this is and how lucky they are to live here, it'd be awesome but they dont so it sucks really bad.
Dumb Ridge kid: hahahah you live in bernardsville you must be poor mexican or high

Superior Bernards kid: you go to ridge, therefore, you are probably an ignorant jealous slut.
by xsjdlkf May 03, 2010

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