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Describes a statement politically or ideologically inconvenient, esp. in the judgment of one having no knowledge of the matter at hand. Often used to stifle further discussion or pander to the lowest common denominator. Cf: fair and balanced.
The television special on evolution was cancelled because it might be considered offensive by viewers who feel threatened by science.
by xaonon January 24, 2006
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1. Tripping; in an altered state of mind. The emphatic form is "totally not in Florida", equivalent to tripping balls. The association of Florida with a normal state of mind could itself reasonably be considered the result of consuming controlled substances.

2. In a generally disagreeable situation. See also: fucked.
"You guys, the bed just melted and turned into a thousand snakes, and then a herd of pink elephants flew by the window!"
"Oh boy, Dan is totally not in Florida right now."
by xaonon September 05, 2006
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