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American Eagle is a store that makes you pay to wear their name on your chest and buttox. Preps and bitches seem to like this place. See abercromnie
That kid seems to have a problem with individuality. I bet she shops at American Eagle.
by x_Summer_x February 04, 2006
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PETA has the right idea, but they tend to do a lot of stupid shit. Just because people hate PETA doesn't mean they have to be little bastards and bludgeon baby seals to death like HankanatorX. PETA isn't the only animal rights organization you know.
Vegans and people who care about animals don't always support PETA
by x_Summer_x February 18, 2006
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A boring, self-centered celebrity with an ass that's big enough to have its own gravitational pull.
Jennifer Lopez was on TV again...yay.
by x_Summer_x February 04, 2006
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