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A sub-genre of Hardcore Techno that utilizes extremely fast beats coupled with layers of harsh sounds and warped vocal samples. Speedcore as a genre is the "fastest" of all dance music & starts its beats off in the high 200 BPM and can result in tunes reaching a 1000 BPM and more.Tracks are normally made with percussive samples, which have more danceable rhythms so you don't start fitting! Tracks are very psychedelic, very hard and minimal or even with guitars and heavy vocals. The music is angry and aggressive. Speedcore DJs often use offensive themes in their music to push these boundaries even further. The Roland TR-909 is often the drum machine of choice for speedcore producers due to its ability to generate heavily distorted bass-drum kicks that anchor the percussion tracks. Most producers will often overdrive their kicks so much that they become square waves, much like in Gabber, giving Speedcore its distinctive pounding sound.
Samples are often used to further heighten the aggressive nature of speedcore, with many artists using audio samples of violent scenes from movies to push music to its limits. Speedcore has cousins in Terrorcore, Noizecore and Gabba.
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by www.hardcore-central.net November 07, 2009
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